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COVID-19 : The difference between preparation and panic


The Difference Between Preparation and Panic

As our community and society alters in preparation for the pandemic health threat, please remember there is a difference between preparation and panic.

We want you to prepare.

We want you to take the best advice available.

But…we want you to do it calmly with reasonable expectations.

Don’t panic.

Hysteria is dangerous. People become distracted. They miss important things. They may forget medications or run a stop sign. These types of miscues can be just as dangerous as any virus.

Be calm.

Be reasonable.

Accept the fact that calm and reasonable preparation is the best preparation. Excessive fear, anger, sadness will not make you safer. They will get in the way of good decisions.

Give your mind and emotions a rest at times.

Appreciate a sunrise.

Take a few deep breaths. And even venture to laugh a couple of times a day.

Do these things while you prepare reasonably.

The preparation will be more effective.

The emotional impact of the crisis, which is also dangerous, will be minimized.

- John Grace, M.D. Board Certified Psychiatrist

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