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Weight Loss - We know its on your mind

WEIGHT LOSS! We know it is on your mind and Citrus Medical Weight Loss is here to help you reach your goals! Dr. Redrick has designed medical weight loss plans that are proven to help patients reach and sometimes exceed their goals concerning weight loss. Our plans are tailored to each individual patient and have proven results. While the options for diets seem to be endless, Citrus Medical Weight Loss is different from all the rest. Our medical approach to weight loss is combined with practical strategies that will deliver the results you need. Dr. Redrick's Original Weight Loss Program involves prescribed medications, supplements, and a nutritional plan designed to provide a balance of calories derived from proteins, fat and carbohydrates. Our program includes coaching from our qualified staff and practical meal planning solutions.

In addition to losing weight, our program increases energy, lowers the risk of certain diseases, and could prevent a long list of health issues. Weight loss can be tough and we recognize the physical and mental problems that are present in obese or overweight individuals and help you overcome these. Our plan provides a personal advocate who will discuss your progress weekly and help you to stay on the path to success. We also have a highly rated maintenance plan that will keep the weight off once you have reached your goal. Dr. Redrick is a board certified physician and has been practicing clinical medical weight loss for years. Citrus Medical Weight Loss is located in Crystal River, Florida at 582 SE 7th Avenue. Dr. Redrick and our entire staff is passionate about our patients and we love to watch our patients reach their goals. Schedule an appointment and start down the path of weight loss success at (352)564-8245. You've got nothing to lose but pounds and inches!

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